Hung Tat means where you can find good quality on thermoforming plastic products.

Hung Tat Packaging Group Limited established in 1991. Follows the China's opening and reforming policy we moved our production plant to China in 1993 to enlarge our production capacity. Under this advantage we can further meet the requirements as well as to offer better service to our customers.

Our company never give-up innovate new technical ideas and to install new model of machines. Thus we can offer our customers high quality products with efficient lead-time and competitive price.

Presently, we have set up 5 factories in Asia Pacific which locates at Dongguan, Shanghai and Zhongshan, China. Moreover, we are going to set up a newly factory in Vietnam during 2011. All these factories have their own engineering, molding, production and marketing department. Thus, we can provide our efficient service to customers under the circumstances that they contact any of our plants. All our plants are being well managed and connected with computerizes management system.

We are also a polybag manufacturer making OEM Polybag, Recycle Bag, Plastic Bag, Green Bag, Reusable Bag, Shopping Bag, Gift Bag, Packaging Bags, Recycling Bags, Carrier Bag, Polybags. All of our materials and products 100% clean and recyclable. PE、PO、PP、HDPE、LDPE、MDPE、Co-extrusion、PPE、CPE We implement the policies of green production models, improve production efficiency and reduce losses. We have ability to provide you with the most competitive price and service.

Our objective is to provide our customers in good quality products with competitive price and good service. In year 2000, our Dongguan and Shanghai plant had obtained the ISO 9001-2000 certificate and it proves that we have reached the international management quality.